Pontoon Boats

There are  plenty of pontoon manufacturers out there today. But how   many of them  can boast that they’ve been building boats for half a   century? Not  too many, and Godfrey Pontoon Boats is proud to be right at   the top of  that list. Godfrey Pontoons established its name with the    introduction of the first-ever all aluminum pontoon boat (Sanpan) at the    1958 World’s Fair in Chicago, Illinois.

Just as  we did in 1958 with the unveiling of custom upholstery with   protective  covers, pressure treated decks with lifetime warranties,   convertible  canopies and enclosed outboard motor compartments; Godfrey   Pontoon  Boats continues to be the leader in pontoon boat innovation.

What does  over 52 years of experience in the boating industry offer   today’s  pontoon boat buyer? Godfrey Pontoon Boats knows what you want-   and we  provide it! As the recognized leader in quality, innovation and    styling, Godfrey Pontoons continues to set the bar for pontoon    construction. In fact, Godfrey pioneered many of the systems that have    become industry standards. With more than 50 years of experience, we    work hard to build you a boat the will be part of your family for years  to come.

The Pontoon boat market is the fastest growing market worldwide due to the value for money and the versatliity these boats offer and at Webbe Marine, we believe the Godfrey Pontoon range represents the best value and quality in the industry, and with 3 different brands to choose from there is a pontoon boat to suit your familys budget and boating style. For a quick overview of these amazing boats please click on the link below or explore our website a little further, you will be pleasantly surprised.