Sailfish Catamarans – Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Durable Aluminium construction Aluminium boats are far more durable than comparable GRP hulls, easier to repair, won’t suffer osmosis, and will last longer. The most preferred construction for commercial applications.
Customisation our speciality The flexibility of aluminium means you are not locked into a particular layout of your boat. Your boat is customized to suit your own individual needs, style and budget.
Custom Alloy Trailers These trailers are lighter, stronger, will never rust and tailor made for your boat, making launching and retrieval a breeze. A perfectly matched combination all built in our own factory.
Lighter To Tow Our all alloy hulls and trailers means you can tow a bigger boat behind your car compared to fiberglass, or tow the same size for a lighter weight overall. This is both safer and will result in less fuel and wear and tear on the tow vehicle.
Twin Hull Design offers Unmatched Stability Varying beam options allow you to maximise your stability. All boats have their beam carried as far forward as possible to maximise stability at rest,thus a safer and more comfortable boat.
Self Draining Cockpits Ultimate safety levels. Alleviates the need for onboard bilge pumps.
Unique Drag Resistant Hull Lines Offers incredible fuel efficiency and lower horsepower requirements. You get a cheaper day on the water.
Box Section Frame construction By using a box section rather than channel, your boat is more rigid and stronger and stands the test of time.
25mm Solid Keel & 6mm Chines Strengths where it counts, and the backbone of your boat. Unmatched protection at ramps or beaches and when fishing reefs or uncharted waterways. Total peace of mind.
Unique turned down chines Flatter turns and less spray. A safer, drier ride.
Full Bow Sponsons Increased buoyancy in the bow of your boat allowing a flatter, safer turn, better control and safety, especially in a following sea and bar crossing situations.
Foam Filled Hulls All our hulls are foam filled making them both the safest and quietest catamarans on the market. Unsinkable.
Highest Quality 2 Pac Paintwork All our boats are painted using a 3 part process using the best materials available ensuring your boat looks its best for longer. All holes are pre drilled prior to painting ensuring a full seal to your paintwork.
Ergonomically Designed Helm and Dash Layouts Designed to suit you and your electronics, keeping you comfortable for long days out on the water.
Symmetric hull design True, straight running in the most demanding seas.
Double welded construction Additional strength by welding the inside and outside of most joints. This feature also allows us to grind back the outside weld, allowing an almost seamless finish to our welds.
Marine grade tinned wiring Long life and easy servicing to your wiring harnesses.
Fully welded deck hardware All our bollards, cleats and handrails are fully welded, offering unparralleled strength to your deck fittings.
Anti skid decks Increased traction around those slippery areas, making life easier even in the roughest of seas.
Excellent resale value Sailfish Catamarans are a controlled low volume / high quality hand crafted product
Freedom to Play Sailfish Catamarans range, safety and proven offshore capability means you will feel more confident to use your boat and venture to the places that other boats cannot. This means more time with the family – bigger fish – spectacular scenery – great memories. After all – isn’t that what it is all about